We expect the following impacts from the partnership activities on students, teacher and on the participating institutions and communities:

* help students and teachers in all partner schools to discover common cultural characteristics,

* enhance cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, cultural proximity and promote intercultural education,

* help to fight xenophobia and racism,

* strengthen our own knowledge and abilities to use modern informatics sources and accessible teaching materials,

* make the project results known by general public,

* provide new information and help to acquire skills in using foreign language,

* develop friendship among students and teachers from all over the Europe,

* provide exchange of teamwork experiences,

* raise awareness about each other and the partners culture,

* help teachers exchange ideas, find out about different education systems, and will be encouraged to learn and use foreign languages,

* help teachers to improve their teaching, organizational and communicative skills by adding new techniques and using innovative methods,

* encourage students to build up their self-confidence as responsible and able young people in making decisions and freely communicate in a modern, globalized world,

* offer all schools to be known and to have a good advertisement on the web,

* create a real opportunity to develop the level of English by creating the materials for other partners and communicating during the visits in foreign countries,

* demonstrate to the pupils the importance of learning foreign languages and influence students’ motivation,

* help teachers in reaching a successful classroom teaching,

* give students the opportunity to be active, to make the effort of taking the initiative, to feel as important European citizens as the others, determining them to be more self-confident and helping them not to be afraid of accepting challenges in the future,

* help parents and the local communities to become more involved in the school matters,

* the web site created by students and teacher involved in the project will become a source of information and materials for other schools and communities.

We expect that the implementation of this project for cooperation between partners will provide the following benefits:

* improving communication among teachers and students of different nationalities;

* crossing linguistic barriers by using a common foreign language;

* promoting national values and integrating them in a common European frame;

* developing creativity, wit and citizenship;

* encourage tolerance and positive attitudes against discrimination, cultural stereotypes and prejudices;

* knowing and accepting different life styles, mentalities and values;

* contributing to establish common educational standards and values;